Is it too hard to reply??!

OK so right now I am trying to figure out if I’m the only one who replies to everything. I’ve noticed that a ridiculous amount of people don’t reply to texts, inboxes, ims and a the rest. I mean, don’t they feel guilty leaving the person hanging??
I was going through my inbox on Facebook the other day and I was so happy because everyone had replied to my messages. All my conversations ended with ‘bye.’ No cliffhangers. I was so overjoyed.
It didn’t last.
This morning I checked my Facebook and the sheer number of people who have left me hanging brings tears to my eyes.
Don’t they realise how rude and mean it is to leave someone hanging there, telling themselves that they didn’t reply because they were busy.
Yes, lying to oneself is great for self-esteem.
But then you see them commenting and liking other people’s photos and you realise that nope, they just ignored your messages.
It’s not easy to get over, especially when you ABHORE getting ignored.
In fact, it’s not only Facebook.
I was looking at my friend’s phone today and she had 98 mail. 98!!!!! Unopened mail sitting in her inbox.
She’s not the only one. I have seen people who over 200 mail. How do you not check them?
What if it’s important. What if the person who sent it stayed up all night waiting for your reply?
Ok so obviously email isn’t all that bad.
What about those times when someome says ‘hi’ and when you reply they somehow disappear and answer you months later?
People are strange.
Maybe they’re normal and I’m strange.
Am I the only one who feela the need to reply to all my messages if they’re meant to be replied to? Am I the only one who feels bad leaving a person hanging in a conversation?!
I just think that people should consider feelings and just answer, even with a smiley face. :)

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